About us

Ours is not your typical startup story. We are NOT geeks working from our parent’s garage somewhere in Silicon Valley.

Venus Health Co. was founded in Australia, by a husband and wife team in 2019. We had just had our son, and struggled with the maternal and child health services we received, we felt some services could be more flexible and of higher quality - specifically antenatal, birthing classes and lactation consults. We also felt the same way about the reproductive care hardware on the market. Some of these hardware were overpriced, unreliable and some relied on clearly outdated technology. We surveyed several women on mum’s forum through social media and they felt the same way. We happened to have clinical and medical research backgrounds and we have decided to make it our life’s work to re-engineer reproductive healthcare.  

Our Mission

"We are simplifying the reproductive care experience. We are eliminating isolated reproductive health offerings and consolidating solutions. We are on a mission to become the only digital solution women will need during their reproductive care journey"