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Venus Health Co.

Venus Smart Bluetooth Fertility Tracker

Venus Smart Bluetooth Fertility Tracker

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Fertility prediction & period tracking made easy.

The Venus smart bluetooth thermometer monitor basal body temperature & syncs to the Venus App. through bluetooth for easy fertility prediction.

  • Smart fertility prediction with intuitive mobile App.

    Our devices syncs with the Venus fertility mobile app. The temperature data is automatically transmitted to the App via Bluetooth. The App can generate BBT curves and intelligently analyse womens menstruation, ovulation and fertile phases.

  • User friendly & reliable device

    Venus Smart fertility tracker measures basal temperature with automatic bluetooth transmission to the Venus fertility App.

    The App. detects ovulation through changes in BBT, predicts fertility score, tracks period, analyse menstrual cycle and generates BBT curves. 

  • FDA cleared & CE marked

    The Venus ovulation thermometer is FDA approved and CE marked. Fast and accurate measurement is guaranteed

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