Meet the Future of Personal Health

Introducing the Venus Smart Scale – your personalized health companion.

This cutting-edge device not only measures body composition metrics but transforms them into a weekly health dialogue sent directly to your phone and inbox.

Step into the Future of Health

Every Measurement Tells a Story

Get detailed body composition analysis, easy wireless syncing, personalized insights for smarter health decisions, and multi-user support to keep the whole family on track.

Understand Your Body on a Deeper Level

More Than Just Weight

Step on, and step into a world where your health data is deciphered into a narrative that makes sense.

Our smart scale delves deep, measuring a full spectrum of body composition metrics, delivering weekly, tailored health insights directly to your phone and inbox—transforming data into a personalized health dialogue.


Seamless Integration

All Your Health Metrics, Now in One Place.

Your fitness trackers, health apps, and even your smartwatch data converge to paint a holistic picture of your health, all through one intelligent platform.


What is the Venus AI Smart Scale?

The Venus AI Smart Scale is a revolutionary health device equipped with advanced AI technology to measure and analyze over 50 different health metrics including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and hydration levels.

It offers personalized health insights and actionable advice.

What makes the Venus AI Smart Scale different from other scales?

Unlike traditional scales, the Venus AI Smart Scale offers a holistic view of your health by providing detailed measurements and personalized insights.

Its integration with AI technology and compatibility with numerous apps and devices sets it apart from standard scales.

When will the Venus AI Smart Scale be shipped, and how can I buy it?

The Venus AI Smart Scale is set to launch at the end of July. We are currently offering the opportunity to sign up for early access, which allows you to be among the first to purchase and receive the scale.

You can register for early access through our official website or directly on our Indiegogo campaign page. By signing up, you'll be notified as soon as the product is available for purchase.

Don't miss the chance to be a pioneer in experiencing the next level of personalized health tracking!

What is your return policy and warranty coverage?

We stand by our product with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Additionally, the Venus AI Smart Scale comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

Enjoy your journey to better health with confidence!

Who can benefit from using the Venus AI Smart Scale?

The Venus AI Smart Scale is ideal for anyone interested in gaining detailed insights into their health, from fitness enthusiasts and athletes to individuals simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its ease of use and comprehensive data make it suitable for all levels of health-conscious users.

Can the scale sync with other health devices and apps?

Yes, the Venus AI Smart Scale seamlessly integrates with over 50 health devices and apps.

This allows it to gather data from multiple sources and provide a comprehensive overview of your health.

Meet the Team

Passion Meets Technology

Born from a passion for wellness and empowered by technology, Venus Health Co. is a beacon for those seeking control over their health.

Our team's background in tech innovation and preventative care has led us to this moment: the creation of a smart scale that does more than report numbers—it provides a clear path to your health goals.

How It Works:

From Unboxing to Understanding - Your Path to Health Made Simple

First, simply unbox your scale and place it in your desired location.

Next, connect the scale to your Wi-Fi network to sync it with your mobile device using our free app.

Finally, step on to get a comprehensive view of your health metrics in moments.

Our step-by-step guide ensures you'll quickly move from setup to deeper health insights, making your path to wellness both simple and effective

Personalized Health Insights based on your Goals.

Tailoring Your Path with AI

The core of Venus Health Co. is a robust AI engine, similar to ChatGPT, that learns from your health data.

It doesn't just process; it understands, adapts, and communicates.

Set your health goals within our app, and our AI becomes your personal health coach, providing weekly, actionable insights to guide you on your journey.

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